Updated: 08 DEC 2022

  • This is a running inventory it will be updated often, if you do not see a product instock, it does not mean it is not instock, always reach out to us to verify first or ask for a quoted lead/build time - Contact info: REDSTAREXHAUSTUSA@GMAIL.COM, 781-927-8491 or through the Chat.
  • Items not instock will have a ~1-4 weeks lead/build time depending on what it is, some products may take longer.
  • Basic means Competition (Catless) and not Heat Shielded. *Basic can be Heat Shielded within 3-5 days lead time*
  • If item is instock it will ship the next business day.


  • Giulia QV Downpipes Basic 
  • Giulia QV Downpipes Heat Shielded


  • B8 3.0T Test Pipes Basic
  • B9 S4/S5 Downpipes Basic
  • C7/D4 4.0T Downpipes Basic
  • C8 A6/A7 Downpipe Basic
  • C8 A6/A7 Res Delete Heat Shielded
  • C8 S6/S7 Res Delete Heat Shielded 
  • C8 RS6/RS7 Downpipes Basic
  • C8 RS6/RS7 Downpipes Heat Shielded 
  • C8 RS6/RS7 HJS 130mm Downpipes/Res Delete Heat Shielded w/ V-Band option
  • RSQ8/SQ8/SQ7 Downpipes Basic
  • RSQ8/SQ8/SQ7 Downpipes Heat Shielded
  • RSQ8/SQ8/SQ7 Res Delete Heat Shielded 
  • RS3 8P/TTRS 8J Downpipe Basic


  • B58 Downpipe Basic
  • G05/G30 M50i Downpipes Basic
  • G80/G82 M3/M4 Downpipes Basic
  • M50D Downpipe Basic
  • F90 M5 Secondary Cat Delete Heat Shielded
  • F90 M5 Primary Downpipes Basic
  • M8 Secondary Cat Delete Heat Shielded 
  • M8 Primary Downpipes Basic
  • F95/96 X5M/X6M Primary Downpipes Basic
  • F85/F86 X5M/X6M Valvetronic Axle Back 


  • Urus Downpipes Basic
  • SVJ Downpipes Heat Shielded 


  • A45/CLA45/GLA45 M133 Downpipe Heat Shielded
  • A45/CLA45/GLA45 M139 Downpipe Basic
  • AMG GT/GTC/GTS/GTR Downpipes Basic
  • C43/400/450 Downpipes Basic
  • E43/400/450 Downpipes Basic
  • C63 Pre-FL Downpipes Basic
  • C63 Pre-FL Downpipes Heat Shielded
  • C63 Facelift Downpipes Basic
  • C63 Facelift Downpipes Heat Shielded 
  • GLE63/GLS63 4.0 M177 Downpipes Basic
  • GLC63 LHD Downpipes Basic
  • GT63 Downpipes Heat Shielded 
  • E63/CLS63 W212 AWD/RWD Downpipes Basic
  • E63 W213 Downpipes Heat Shielded 
  • GT53/43 M256 Downpipe Basic
  • S560 W222 Downpipes Heat Shielded
  • S560 W222 Downpipes HJS 130mm Heat Shielded


  • 600LT/570S SS 3.5” Downpipes Heat Shielded 
  • 720S/765LT SS 3.5" Downpipes Heat Shielded
  • 720S/765LT SS 3.5" Downpipes Basic
  • 720S/765LT Turbo Inlets


  • Cayenne Turbo Downpipes Basic
  • Panamera 971 Turbo Primary Downpipes Basic
  • 991.1/991.2 911 Turbo Catbypass Basic
  • 992 911 Turbo Catbypass Basic
  • 992 911 Turbo Catypass Heat Shielded
  • 992 911 Carrera Catbypass Basic
  • 992 911 Carrera Catbypass Heat Shielded


  • Supra A90/91 Downpipe Basic