• You buy directly from us the manufacturer.

  • All products are 100% handmade with the highest quality in materials and fabrication technology methods available.

  • One on One Customer Service.

  • Faster build times for products not instock.

  • We are NOT just another relabeler of China/Taiwan products, we have over 40 fabricators, where each puts a piece of their soul into the product they make.

  • We never compromise on quality. No mild steel flanges, no weak clamp joints, no other cost reduction tricks. 

  • Free flow is our priority. No steps and restrictive areas, only smooth transitions, bigger diameters, and a optimized design.

  • Our welds and craftsmanship is much better than most of our competitors.

  • We can tailor every product to your exact needs, with tons of options offered.

  • We use only the two best name brand High Flow Catalysts manufacturers in the world. (HJS/GESI)

  • Our Heat Shielding is proprietary, nobody else on the market comes close to our thermal shielding methods.

  • Everything is TIG welded by hand and back purged with argon.

  • DHL Worldwide Express Shipping.

  • We offer a year round Active Duty Military Discount, eligible to verified ID’s only. Send us a message or email to receive your one time discount code. 

  • Read our Frequently Asked Questions.

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