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    • Reference: RS.NSX.System

      Brand: RedStar Exhaust

      Acura NSX Downpipe and Exhaust System

      Unlock the real power from your NSX, with a full 3” performance exhaust system. *Not interchangeable with OEM Downpipes or OEM exhaust* NSX Face-off Video NSX HJS/Titanium Cold Start NSX HJS/Titanium Exhaust Drive-By Acura NSX Type S Exhaust Video NSX Gesi 400 5” Quad Tip Titanium Exhaust Video NSX Competition Heat Shielded Downpipes Titanium Quad Tip...

    • Reference: RS.NSX.Exhaust

      Brand: RedStar Exhaust

      Acura NSX Exhaust

      Unlocking the real power from your modern turbocharged supercar performance Competition Exhaust System are one of the most effective modifications you can start with. Dramatically unrestricted exhaust gas flow. Excessive backpressure causes bigger turbo lag and slower spool up as well. *Interchangeable with OEM or other Brand Downpipes*  NSX Gesi 400 5”...

    • Reference: RS.NSX.DP

      Brand: RedStar Exhaust

      Acura NSX Downpipes

      Maximize the potential of your turbocharged supercar with Redstar Downpipes, the ultimate starting point for unleashing its true power. Say goodbye to turbo lag and slow spool up, our downpipes efficiently eliminate excessive backpressure. For OE Shield Brackets, request in the notes section when ordering NSX Downpipe Video Launch NSX Face-off Video NSX...

    Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items

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