Terms and Conditions 



  • We have limited quantities of routine products instock. If you want to see if an item is available please check our instock inventory list Here, or feel free to contact us via email, phone call or message us through the chat. 


  • All products are handmade with limited quantities instock.
  • Please assume most items will take on average ~1-4 weeks to build depending on the item. Some products may take slightly longer, please email or message us through the chat for a quoted build time.


  • We accept payment via PayPal, Credit or Debit Card. If the payment option does not work for the country you’re in send us a message or email. 
  • We offer a year round Active Duty Military discount eligible to verified ID’s only. Send us a message or email to receive your one time discount code. 


  • We use international express shipping services provided by USPS, EMS and DHL. Please allow up to 7 working days delivery to Europe, USA, Canada and up to 12 working days for Australia and other countries.
  • If an item is instock, your order will ship the next business day. We will provide you with a picture of your order and the tracking number as soon as the item is sent.
  • We ship only to a valid residential or business addresses, PO Boxes and International Forwarding Company Addresses are not allowed.


  • International orders may be subject to customs processing and additional charges. Please find out as much as you can about your import taxes in your own country before ordering. You might need to pay for import duties, if you have any suggestions that will help you with that please let us know during your checkout.
  • We cannot calculate this cost for you in advance. Customs is a government agency responsible for regulating shipments entering a country or region. It's the buyer's responsibility to clear customs and pay the relevant custom duties. Unfortunately we cannot know the rules, regulations or practices for each country. 


  • Please do not buy without reading the description and/or requesting fitment confirmation.
  • If received product is defective you can return it back to us for repair, replacement or a full refund. We will cover back shipping costs and accept returns only when getting CLEAR pictures confirming and explaining the defect.
  • Please contact us before returning an item, returns will be subject to a 25% restocking fee. Products that are sent back must be new, unused, sent with original packaging and all accessories included in the box received and unopened. 
  • Returns will NOT be accepted 30 days past the delivery date or for special order items.
  • Buyers are responsible for return shipping cost.
  • When return is approved we will send you the proper address for the return.


  • If a order is cancelled for ANY reason a 10% fee will be charged.


  • All REDSTAR stainless steel products are covered by a lifetime manufacturer warranty (unless otherwise stated below) against any structural or manufacturing defects.
  • All REDSTAR titanium and Inconel products are covered by a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. The 1-year warranty period starts on the date that the exhaust is shipped from our facility.
  • All mechanical and electrical components such as exhaust control flaps, motors and remote controls are covered under a limited 2 year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Painted or coated components are covered under a limited 1 year warranty.
  • Product warranties are non-transferable. The warranty is limited to the exchange or repair of the defective part, and not the entire exhaust, unless needed. Shipping expenses and labor such as installation cost as well as other claims for compensation for damages are not part of our warranty.
  • This warranty has no cash value. This warranty does not apply to products which have been modified, improperly applied or installed on vehicles used for commercial or racing purposes. We do not assume any responsibility for any consequential damages occurred by the exhaust product, or inconvenience or interruption in any operation. Also, cost of labor and any additional parts required to complete installation of a product are not covered by warranty.


  • We do not cover catalytic converters under our own warranty and they’re covered ONLY by the manufacturers warranty. We highly recommend to check out warranty information on the GESI or HJS websites before purchasing downpipes equipped with specified converters. 
  • Any warranty requests have to be reviewed in conjunction with the particular converter manufacturer and they will make the final determination on the case. If case is approved and converter is covered by warranty REDSTAR will perform catalyst replacement free of charge.
  • All shipping charges associated with this warranty are the responsibility of the customer. Catalytic Converters are a normal wear item with a limited useful life, especially on modified vehicles. They rarely tend to fail on their own and if a catalytic converter fails it is usually the result of a component failure in the vehicles emissions control system.
  • When installing any downpipe, tuning the ECU is recommended to prevent potential “check engine light” warning signals. While we advise some catted downpipes as a possible "CEL-free/error-free" solution, it can't be 100% guaranteed and is not a subject for warranty claims. To review our Catalytic Converter Check engine light (CEL) Free Guide click here Here.
  • Catalytic converters damaged by usage of leaded fuel, fuel additives, E85, racing fuel blends, water/methanol injection systems, engine air/fuel/oil/coolant leaks, modified or blown turbochargers, misfires, backfires and explosions from poorly tuned engines or overly rich fuel mixtures are NOT COVERED.
  • The warranty does not apply to products installed on vehicles used for racing purposes or long dyno testing sessions. Any OE or aftermarket converters will fail prematurely in such conditions. Catalyst that are broken apart and/or melted internally will not be considered for warranty.
  • By purchasing/installing any catalyst-containing exhausts customer accepts stated above and takes all responsibility for the proper usage of the new catalytic converters.


  • REDSTAR signature Heat Shielding is one of the most effective and reliable thermal barriers that can be used for exhaust components. It is fully integrated and welded to the product and consists of an outer .15mm embossed 321SS foil shell and ceramic wool underlay.
  • The overall insulation thickness can be up to 12mm which makes it so effective. Due to design it also makes the whole pipe significantly oversized and may require to be flattened/crushed/bended in surrounding tight spots to clear some components from touching.
  • We recommend to clear the gap around such things like cooling lines, wires, plastic shells where it is possible to rub a hole and cause leaks or damage. At the same time our shielding can touch metal cases, brackets, shields and other non-sensitive parts. 
  • Due to the nature of the Heat Shielding some applications may require OEM Shields to not be reused or a complete removal of OEM Shields.
  • During the packing/unpacking process and especially shipping and handling the shielding may lose its perfect shape. We recommend being gentle during unpacking, storing, or trial fits on the vehicle. 
  • If your order has slightly dented Heat Shielding it does not in any way harm or change its effectiveness. 
  • Heat Shielded orders arriving flattened or dented from shipping or mishandling CANNOT be claimed as a product issue.
  • Subsequently Heat Shielded orders that require to be crushed/bended/flattened during installation CANNOT be claimed as a fitment issue. 


  • These products DO NOT meet certified emission compliance requirements for general street/highway use. When ordering you’re confirming that you are not installing any emissions control eliminating products within the United States territory unless it is a designated race car.
  • Customers who reside in other countries should act in accordance with their local laws and regulations. Buyer is ultimately responsible for deciding if a part is legal for buyer's intended use.
  • All performance modifications and installations are at the customer’s own risk. We hold no responsibility either implied or otherwise for mechanical, electrical or other failure when using any aftermarket performance products.

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