• Mclaren 720S / 765LT Downpipes

    The McLaren 720S/765LT is one of the most incredible supercars at the moment. It will be even better and significantly faster with our Redstar 720S 3.5” downpipes. The new 4.0L V8 with twin turbochargers is pretty responsive to exhaust modifications. Significant performance improvement, weight saving, and that awesome, racing-inspired sound. McLaren 720S...

  • Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Downpipes

    Not to much can be improved or modified in modern supercars like the SVJ. But they are still incredibly responsive to exhaust modifications. Our downpipes kit offers a significant improvement in both sound and performance. The most noticeable feature of our SVJ downpipes is a double layer heat shielding with ceramic wool inlay, packed into embossed 321SS...

  • Audi B9 S4 / S5 Downpipe

    REDSTAR EXHAUST performance downpipe for the new 2017+ B9 S4 & S5 3.0T with single-turbo engine. Our B9 S4 S5 downpipes utilize a big bore design with smooth transitions for maximum flow and efficiency. REDSTAR is the only manufacturer who offers so many options to choose from.  B9 S5 Redstar HJS200 Downpipe Supersprint Catback video

  • Audi RS3 8Y Downpipe

    Redstar Exhaust downpipe for the new Audi RS3 8Y. Optimized single-tube design, provides a huge increase in exhaust flow and will allow for a significant power gain. 

  • Mclaren 720S Exhaust

    An ultimate combination of sound-balanced Race-X muffler-replacement exhaust, and lightweight colored Titanium tips with perforated cores. It works perfectly together but also compatible with all factory components. The muffler section can be bolted to the OEM catalytic converters, OEM or aftermarket tips can be used as well. McLaren 720S Exhaust Inconel...

  • Mercedes S500 / S550 Downpipes

    REDSTAR EXHAUST Performance M278 Downpipes for S500 / S550 models is the best way to get that noted V8 "AMG-style" exhaust tone with burbles & crackles from your 4.7L biturbo engine. We added an X-pipe that helped to balance the exhaust tone for this luxury Mercedes model. S500 Catless Video

  • Audi B8 3.0 Supercharged Headers

    RedStar Exhaust long tube headers is the ultimate mod for your Audi 3.0 TFSI supercharged engine. Dyno tested and proved design to gain 30HP easily with no other modifications. You can get even more, 500+hp with proper tune and other mods!

  • Mercedes C63 (facelift) W205 Downpipes

    REDSTAR EXHAUST Performance C63 Downpipes / C63S Downpipes is the best way to get that noted V8 exhaust tone with burbles & crackles from your facelift twin-turbo AMG V8 engine. C63 Downpipes pops and bangs video