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    • Reference: RS.765.Perf.Pack

      Brand: RedStar Exhaust

      Mclaren 765LT Performance Package

      Introducing Redstar Exhaust's McLaren 765LT Performance Package - with 3.5" Downpipes and a smart 3.5" Exhaust adapter, it unlocks a full 3.5" system when valves open. Plus, our precision-crafted billet aluminum diamond-cut inlets replace restrictive stock parts, delivering a substantial power upgrade.

    • Reference: RS.720.765.Inlet

      Brand: RedStar Exhaust

      Mclaren 720S / 765LT Turbo Inlets

      The McLaren 720S/765LT, already an incredible supercar, can reach new heights of performance with Redstar Exhaust's custom diamond-machined turbo inlets. These precision-engineered billet aluminum replacements not only replace factory plastic inlets but also enhance turbo spool sound and deliver a significant boost in power. Elevate your supercar experience.

    Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items

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